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Ceramic Diamond Tools
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    Product Name:Ceramic diamond wheel

Ceramic diamond wheel

Diamond grinding wheel is grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics, precious stones and other high hard and brittle material effects tool. With the development of the grinding industry, diamond tools have also been widely used.

Ceramic binder diamond wheel with high strength, good heat resistance, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, grinding process is not easy to heat and block, thermal expansion is small, to control the processing accuracy. Compared with the resin binder grinding wheel, he solved the resin diamond wheel low life, low grinding efficiency, abrasive itself in the grinding process of the problem of variability. Ceramic grinding wheel combined with the advantages of diamond grinding wheel, one appeared immediately in developed countries in Europe and America are widely used in wafers (semiconductor wafers and solar wafers), diamond composite films, diamond polycrystalline, diamond tools, cubic boron nitride, tungsten steel Hard alloy), new engineering structural ceramics, precious stones, crystal, rare earth materials (magnetic materials) and other high hard and brittle materials in the mechanical processing, and achieved good economic benefits.

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