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Method for determining the quality of CBN grinding wheel
Time:2017-9-25 15:04:10  Browse:

In the use of CBN diamond grinding wheel grinding operations, in addition to the wheel life is very important, the quality of the grinding wheel is also important to understand the quality of the grinding process and processing to achieve high requirements.

Grinding processes have played a very important role in the machining of tools and components. Compared with other types of cutting technology, the grinding process has the advantage of its good machinability for hard materials, higher geometric tolerance (IT5 ~ 6) and smaller ripples and roughness of grinding surfaces (Rz = 1 to 3 μm).

As the basic shape of electroplated grinding wheel plasticity is extremely strong, easy to cut, so this process is particularly suitable for demanding processing occasions. The grinding wheel plating layer is characterized by the need for high-quality grinding of particulate matter to meet the wear limit range requirements, on the other hand need to set aside the space where the chip can be discharged.

The overall observation of the grinding process

As the processing process becomes more and more complex, the grinding process must be observed as a whole. This means that according to a variety of different applications, the use of the wheel of the configuration to make specific requirements. This time often involves the surface shape (that is, the role of the area of the cutter). In order to be able to describe and evaluate the relevant surface specifically, it is necessary to adopt modern measurement techniques and methods. This allows an objective assessment of the results and quality levels of the tooling process with particulate matter at any point in time. This is also a prerequisite for ensuring stable processing quality.

In the plating bonding, the grinding wheel particles through the electrolyte and nickel or chromium precipitation, implantation to the conductive plate. This process has a random characteristic that affects the quality characteristics detected. In order to characterize the grinding wheel lining, a large number of different detection features are used. The important characteristics obtained by the detection are adhesive hardness, particle size and particle density. In addition, the data such as the number of static edges of the blade, the dynamic number of the blade and the dynamic pitch of the cutting edge are used for the evaluation of the tool surface. The latter two parameters already contain the dynamics of the process, using today's advanced measurement technology, the measurement costs will be higher.