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Abrasive is the main raw material for manufacturing grinding wheels
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Abrasive is the main raw material for the manufacture of grinding wheels, directly responsible for the cutting work.

Diamond: suitable for processing ordinary materials grinding wheel difficult to process high hard metal and non-metallic hard and brittle materials. Such as cemented carbide, optical glass, ceramics, stone, semiconductor materials. Particle size refers to the size of abrasive particles, the size of which is expressed in particle size. GB of the provisions of the abrasive and powder two particle size. Generally speaking, coarse grinding with coarse abrasive (smaller particle size), fine grinding use of fine abrasive (larger particle size); fine powder for grinding and other precision machining and ultra-precision machining.

Ceramic diamond grinding wheel size range is generally w1.5 ~ 80/100 binding agent role is to adhere to the abrasive with a certain strength and shape of the wheel. The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by the performance of the binder.

Commonly used binders are ceramic binders (V), resin binders (B), rubber binders (R) and metal binders (M).

Ceramic binder: the most widely used for cylindrical, inner circle, plane, centerless grinding and grinding grinding wheel;

Resin binder: suitable for cutting and grooving the grinding wheel and high-speed grinding wheel;

Rubber binder: for centerless grinding wheel, polishing wheel;

Metal bonding agent: for diamond grinding wheel and so on.

The research direction of ceramic binder diamond research mainly from several aspects [1] low temperature, high strength, low expansion coefficient ceramic bonding agent research; [2] ceramic binder performance improvement research; [3] ceramic binder and diamond abrasive (6) the best grinding process parameters of the grinding wheel; [7] the best grinding process parameters and grinding methods [5] grinding wheel surface improvement research; [6] grinding wheel surface modification research; The research and so on.