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The characteristics of electroplated diamond grinding wheel
Time:2017-9-25 15:05:02  Browse:

Our company is grinding wheel, resin wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, electroplating wheel and other abrasive products manufacturer, is well-known manufacturers of Dongguan wheel manufacturers. Here to introduce you to the characteristics and advantages of electroplated diamond grinding wheel.

Electroplated diamond inner and outer cut sheet is the best tool for cutting such hard and brittle precious materials such as semiconductors, precious stones, jade, etc., semiconductor materials such as monocrystalline silicon germanium, need cutting and grinding, using wire saws Cutting method inefficient, and the use of electroplated cutting blade sawing, not only high efficiency, and slit narrow material loss less.

Single-layer structure determines that it can achieve a high working speed, the current foreign has been as high as 250 ~ 300m / s; although only a single layer of diamond, the use of single-layer diamond, But still have enough life; for the accuracy requirements of a higher wheel wheel, plating the only manufacturing method.

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is due to these advantages, electroplating wheel high-speed, ultra-high-speed grinding occupy the undisputed dominant position.

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