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Knowledge of cutting the film
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Dongguan Dalang Jinyan Tools Factory has advanced technology and improve the production system, industry-leading, quality assurance. Has a first-class technical staff, professional technical strength, production equipment and advanced production technology, production experience, product quality, the full range, welcomed by the majority of users and trust.

The cutting sheets are made of high strength resins and preferred special abrasives, which allow a large linear velocity of more than 50 m / s, which is not easily brittle; sharp cutting, very small cutting heat, shallow heat of the sample, and thus minimized interference. Cutting pieces are widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, can also be used in modern residential, plant iron decoration and equipment repair. Professional grinding general metal, stainless steel, broken fire steel, tool steel construction metal, cast gray iron, hard cast iron metal. Ultra-hard cutting disc wear less, the use of long cycle, high grinding ratio, under reasonable conditions of use, can get good economic results, especially for ordinary abrasives difficult to process the material, the economic effect is better.

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