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How do I choose a wheel
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1, good uniform appearance and no crack is the basic appearance of high quality grinding wheel;

2, sophisticated packaging and printing security bar code is the factory product is different from the difference between counterfeit goods;

3, any grinding wheel of the static imbalance value of the lower the better, of course, the greater the difficulty of production;

4, cutting and grinding the general law is to iron less, low wear is the wheel is too hard to iron less wear and tear is a bad material, quality of the inherent quality is as little as possible wear, the largest amount of iron, While feeling good;

5, for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, glass stone, because of their organizational density and heat conditions are not the same, also decided to choose the wheel when the difference; On a special glass stone cutting and polishing tools; copper and aluminum and stainless steel solid materials, the use of lower thickness or zirconia corundum as the substrate cutting discs or polished pieces; cutting carbon steel, stainless steel profiles (non-solid) require the use of hardness High grinding wheel will greatly improve the life; but the solid round steel, forgings and require the wheel in the hardness can not be too high, otherwise it will not move!

6, if you have a certain size of a large amount of grinding wheel, the market can not have the most suitable for your wheel, please you must contact us, put forward the use of specific circumstances, we can provide you to minimize the use of Cost of grinding wheel, product quality assurance, prompt delivery, price concessions.

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