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What should be noted for the use of ultra-thin resin cutting tablets?
Time:2017-9-25 15:09:26  Browse:

1. Wear protective goggles, masks, earplugs, gloves, dustproof clothing;

2. absolutely can not use the side of the resin cutting sheet;

3. In the ultra-thin resin cutting piece of the maximum use of the cycle speed, the maximum use of the number of revolutions below;

4. Use the correct flange. No enhancement: 1/3 or more; enhanced: 1/4 or more;

5. Before use to confirm the resin cutting film without missing edge, no cracks, no cracks and so on;

6. Before starting to use the ultra-thin resin cutting sheet, please turn it off for a minute and replace it with a new type of resin cutting piece. Please turn it off for 3 minutes before use.

7. Store the resin cut sheet in a place without direct sunlight, no moisture, and placed horizontally;

8. will be cut solid firmly fixed;

9. Use the angle grinder with safety cover, the cutting machine with safety cover;

10. Do not change the diameter of the grinding wheel when it encounters a small diameter of the resin cut piece that does not match the equipment.

Do some of the above security measures, in order to ensure the smooth operation of efficient production.