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Alloy grinding wheel, Dongguan alloy grinding wheel
Time:2017-9-25 15:11:54  Browse:

In the daily use of the grinding machine, we can often find some operators regardless of the type of grinding machine, regardless of the type of grinding wheel, casually on the use of grinding wheel side of the grinding, which is a serious violation of safe operation procedures illegal operation behavior. According to the rules with the surface of the surface of the grinding wheel should not use the side of the grinding, the grinding wheel radial strength, axial strength is very small, the operator is too large force will cause grinding wheel broken, and even wounding, in practice The use of the process should prohibit such acts.

Positive operation problem: In daily use, many operators are always used to operate the wheel, because this direction can be used on the strength, in fact, this behavior is the grinding wheel operation should be particularly prohibited behavior. According to the operating procedures, the use of grinding machine grinding machine, the operator should stand on the side of the wheel, not in the grinding wheel on the front of the operation, so as not to wheel failure, the wheel fly out or grinding wheel broken out of injury.

Forced operation problem: the use of the wheel, some operators, especially young operators, in order to grind the speed of fast, too much force too much, this is a very unsafe operation. Any grinding wheel of the body has a certain strength, this is likely to cause the grinding wheel broken, or even fly out of the wounding, but also a prohibited behavior.

Common operation problems: in the actual daily operation, there are such a situation, some people to catch production tasks, grab the work time, the two share a grinding machine at the same time operation, which is a serious illegal operation, should be strictly prohibited The A grinding wheel is not enough time, you can use the method to add a grinding machine, absolutely not allowed to share a grinder at the same time.