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Latest News in recent years, diamond wheel product quality problems
Time:2017-9-25 14:57:55  Browse:

In recent years, grinding wheel product sampling rate is still low, there are all kinds of problems can not be ignored, some problems have a serious threat to the safety of personal property.

The main material is abrasive and binder, auxiliary materials include fillers, reinforcing materials, etc., the future industry will continue to develop harder, higher strength, more Light and greater toughness of the workpiece material to minimize part weight and improve part life. In order to use super hard abrasives, grinders and machining centers have been significantly improved. CNC control system, automatic loading and unloading, complex on-line measurement, high-speed spindle, closed high pressure / high capacity coolant supply device, all in order to use super hard abrasive to get the maximum benefit. Regular dressing allows the grinding wheel to maintain good grinding performance and correct geometry, to avoid the wheel passivation, blockage and shape distortion, often used in the dressing tool is a diamond pen. Therefore, the wheel technology not only in the aerospace, aviation cutting-edge areas have been applied in the ordinary civilian production also has a wide range of applications.

In the grinding wheel abrasive is bound by bonding agent together, the performance of the binder directly affects the performance and quality of the wheel. One of the characteristics of the wheel manufacturing is the process is very strong, the manufacturing process of any omission and deviation may have a negative impact on the quality of the wheel products. The use of new materials, some parts such as camshafts, crankshafts, wheels, brake parts and support, can now be pressed or forged, and then finished with high speed grinding or high speed machining. This can significantly reduce the time from the blank material to the finished part.

The cutting edge of the same cutting edge of the workpiece at the same time the longest, cutting the largest resistance, the cutting tool to withstand the largest impact, so the tool wear, milling and cutting vibration are the largest. When the helix angle to the larger, the direction of milling together from the workpiece surface of the degree of large, graphite material due to collapse caused by the impact of increased cutting, so the tool wear, milling and cutting vibration are also increased. As the diamond tool wear and its load state is closely related, so the processing conditions will have a significant impact on wear and tear.

Tool cutting for a long period of time, abrasive natural wear blunt, the blade height reduction, with the abrasive particles around the further wear and tear, the diamond's holding force weakened, leading to diamond off.

Grinding wheel dressing is one of the key technologies in grinding, and today's grinding technology is moving towards high precision, high speed and high efficiency, which requires grinding wheel not only with high precision, but also high efficiency. Diamond dressing roller is to adapt to this development and it is a new generation of grinding wheel dressing tool, with high precision trim, finishing complex surface, the high efficiency of dressing, is the most effective high efficiency, high precision forming dressing tool The

The reason for the unbalance of the grinding wheel is due to the fact that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel does not coincide with the axis of rotation. It is caused by grinding wheel manufacturing and installation defects, for example, the density of the wheel is not uniform, the end of the non-parallel, geometric shape or internal and external hole concentricity error, grinding wheel eccentric installation. Unbalanced grinding wheel in the high-speed rotation will have to force the grinding wheel from the axis of centrifugal force, causing the wheel vibration.