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Performance Analysis of the Latest Ceramic Grinding Wheel of Dongguan Jin
Time:2017-9-25 14:58:32  Browse:

Jin Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel and other abrasive products, Dongguan is well-known manufacturers of wheel supply. Here to introduce you to the performance of ceramic grinding wheel.

Ceramic grinding wheel performance analysis of a total of the following five;

1, single crystal widely used high-temperature superconductivity, film substrates, laser parts, the use of these new materials, due to brittle, easy to produce cracks during processing, often accompanied by a large number of processing problems.

2, ceramic materials because of its excellent performance, such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high stiffness and weight ratio, low density and strong chemical inertia, so that in science and industry The application of increasingly widespread.

3, ceramic bonding agent is ceramic or vitreous, the combination of good rigidity, high temperature resistance, grinding suitable for finishing the whole, will not produce a knife phenomenon. And ceramic bonding agent on the abrasive adhesion, edge retention performance, and can carry out high-precision grinding.

4, ceramic grinding wheel in the manufacturing process can be adjusted on the hardness and pores, is conducive to improve the grinding performance, through a reasonable ratio and production control, will not produce deformation, which is also the reason for high precision grinding wheel processing.

5, diamond is the hardest material in nature, with it made of grinding wheel to solve the glass, ceramics and other high-hardness materials processing problems. For the newly developed silicon nitride and other engineering ceramics, with resin or metal binder diamond grinding wheel grinding, prone to binder on the abrasive grain is not enough, wear increased; or the toughness of the binder is too large, the wheel Less stomata, grinding force decreased, grinding wheel grinding blunt is difficult to dress, so that the whole grinding more difficult.