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Dongguan Jinyan latest product information metal grinding wheel
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Metal grinding wheel first brand [Dalang gold research hardware tools, 135 0923 0790, Mr. Ma] professional manufacture and sale of electroformed grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, metal grinding wheel and grinding rods, Whetstone 6 years!

It is made of high-temperature sintering method such as bronze and other metal, and its bonding strength is high, good moldability, high temperature resistance, good heat resistance, long service life and large load. Due to the wheel sintering process is inevitably there is contraction and deformation, so before the use of the wheel must be plastic, but the wheel dressing more difficult. At present, the production of grinding wheel grinding method is not only when the sintered diamond grinding wheel is time consuming and laborious, and the dressing process diamond particles fall off more, dressing wheel itself consumes great, plastic precision is low. In the case of

In recent years, scholars have carried out the application of special processing methods to adjust the metal binding agent diamond grinding wheel research work, mainly electrolytic dressing method, EDM dressing method and so on. Electrolytic dressing method is fast, but the precision is not high; EDM dressing high precision, both plastic surgery can be sharpened, but the shaping speed is slower; composite trimming method has electrolytic EDM dressing method, mechanical chemical composite finishing method And so on, the dressing effect is better, but the system is more complex, so sintered diamond grinding wheel dressing problem is still not well resolved.

Metal diamond wheel Features: toughness and good shape, strength, but since the sharpness is not easy, easy to dress.

Metal grinding wheel is mainly recommended to: 1, when asked to have a longer life. 2, grinding a variety of non-metallic, such as: ceramics, glass, quartz, stone and so on.

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