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Dongguan Jinyan diamond cutting films
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Resin cutting sheet

Features: ultra-thin resin cutting film is a resin as a binder, combined with a variety of materials, alloy steel, stainless steel and other difficult cutting materials, cutting performance is particularly significant. Dry and wet two cutting methods, so that more accurate cutting accuracy, while cutting the material and hardness of the choice, can greatly improve your cutting efficiency, save your production costs.

Material: white corundum corundum chrome corundum single crystal corundum aluminum silicon carbide black silicon carbide

Uses: used for stainless steel pipe, capillary, glass tube, quartz tube, automobile exhaust pipe, brake wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, copper wire and other pipe and filament cutting, special steel cutting and workpiece slotting Have a very good effect.

Dongguan Dalang gold diamond tools to provide professional processing: resin cutting films, high-precision cutting films, diamond cutting films, ultra-thin cutting films.

General Specifications: 150D * 7W * 1T * 31.75H SDC150 #.

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