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    Product Name:Resin wheel

Dongguan Dalang Jinyan Tools Factory has advanced technology and improve the production system, industry-leading, quality assurance. Has a first-class technical staff, professional technical strength, production equipment and advanced production technology, production experience, product quality, the full range, welcomed by the majority of users and trust.

Our products are widely used in the processing of automotive parts, carbide (tungsten steel), ceramics, bearings, carbide grinding wheel, grinding wheel, grinding wheel, grinding wheel, , High-speed tool steel, ferrite (core) materials, glass, stone and gem cutting and grinding. Complete specifications, exquisite workmanship, support on-demand design custom, produced by the wheel self-sharpening, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, has a good polishing effect, the workpiece surface roughness is low, less heat, easy to burn the workpiece.

Gold diamond tools for diamond grinding wheel manufacturers specializing in the introduction of gold diamond tools for processing products Information:

Product Name: Resin wheel

Product Description: resin wheel related to the resin binder is an organic binder, the binder made of high strength wheel, with a certain flexibility, low heat resistance, self-sharpening, easy production, short process cycle. Can produce working speed higher than 50 m / s wheel and very thin grinding wheel. Its application range is second only to ceramic binder, widely used in coarse grinding, barren grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting burrs and so on. Can manufacture high-speed, high-quality grinding wheel, heavy load, cut off and a variety of special requirements of the wheel.

Resin grinding wheel is mainly recommended: 1, grinding tungsten carbide - especially a variety of tools or abrasive. 2, tungsten carbide and steel. 3, grinding a variety of high-alloy steel and steel - such as cutting tools, abrasive or various parts of the grinding.

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